What You Are Working On Now

I expect all teams to be working already on their Milestones for this semester. By the time we first meet you will have had between 1 and 3 weeks of work, depending on when we first meet. Thus, I will expect certain things to be done already:

  1. New team members should be able to pull, build, and push to the repo using their own laptops. Bring them to the meeting so you can demo this.
  2. You will have already chosen and installed a Unit testing framework, as per the testing milestone.
  3. You have posted lots of new issues, one for each new feature. Some are closed because you have implemented them. You have been coding.
  4. Everyone's personal logs are up to date.
  5. Demo, every meeting.

I expect the final product for this class to be a polished (looks professional), solid (never crashes, no workarounds), and complete (all the features, and them some) piece of software.