We Slack

I have just invited all of you to our slack group. You should get the email at your @email.sc.edu address. If not, email me. After you create your account, install the clients you need. They have desktop, web, and mobile clients.

Slack is Chat for work. It is only for communication, not grading. All graded stuff must be in your github repo. Watch the welcome lecture for details.

My initial plan for the channels is:

  • #general: all my announcement and general class discussion
  • #android, #ios, #web: platform channels. Subscribe to the one you are using. Create more as needed
  • #startup: discuss your startup ideas
  • #proposed-projects: discuss the proposed projects, ask me questions and I'll try to answer or contact client.
  • #your-github-reponame: you will create this after you create your github repo. It is for your team. Make it public or private as you wish (I can't go into private groups).
  • create more channels as you see fit.
  • You can Direct Message me (or, anyone) when you want a private chat. Feel free to DM me. Also, if you @josemvidal mention me in a public conversation I will get notified.