Testing Project Assignments: QA Milestone

Below is the list of which team each team will test, for the Quality Assurance Milestone. The group in column A tests the app of the group in column B. I have already given teams Read access to the other group's github repo, which will let you create Issues as required by the QA Milestone.

(A) Tester (B) Tested
5chords diet
diet FitLivin
FitLivin FitnessEvolution
FitnessEvolution HelpMonger
HelpMonger pSwizzy
pSwizzy RobotCA
RobotCA 5chords
contextual dcon
dcon DJJ
DJJ hygieia
hygieia imentor
imentor ortho
ortho pmba
pmba routegen
routegen sscrm
sscrm wandrlust
wandrlust ZVerse
ZVerse contextual