Testing Milestone Group Assignments

The testing assignments are below. Group n will test the app of group n + 1, the last one tests the first one. See the quality assurance milestone for details on what you need to do. I have just given you read permission to their repo, which should let you add Issues to their repo. Please, do not start testing until April 1.

  1. IArch
  2. MSN
  3. CampaignApp
  4. USCConnect
  6. DD-USC
  7. EST
  8. QRECT
  9. CourseManager
  10. AdvisementCEC
  11. Apollo16
  12. ClassTrack
  13. leader-assess
  14. Krit
  15. ErlangRouters
  16. AAVRAD
  17. FIGS
  18. CockyReaders
  19. VWRoom

The two hardware projects, driftNode and PetDetector, will be tested by their respective faculty advisors.