Team Assignments

Below you will find the team assignments for this year. This year we have 26 client projects and 10 startup projects. For the client projects' assignments 83 people received their first choice of project, 30 received their second choice, 10 their third choice, and 1 unlucky person got their fifth choice. Sorry if that was you!

Below are each team's members, given by their What you have to do now is:

  1. Email everyone in your group. Setup a time to meet and
  2. work on Milestone 1 which is due Sept. 10,
  3. email your client, tell them you will be working on the project, setup time to meet with them (it is OK if just 1 or 2 of you meet the client, but try to have everyone there for the first meeting at least),
  4. start your personal log.
Project Name Members' usernames
1. Body Consciousness and Stress Management cwaldron, adampm, juwan, iwesley, JustinSC
2. Musical Forest atocco, fcw, brooksat, hbuckner, ahowden
3. Gamecock Sailing Club jimmyl, ayallum, austinka, erachwal, bjrader
4. Beacon sdarley, amandamb, ahmedma, raroe, meckley
6. Project Manager asc1, martinx, mbmorris, mrj1, btilley
7. Recycling Bin Manager rcc2, dfoong, jav, sa4, jmanigo
8. Brain Gains limholz, oharat, dibj, bryceb, rcatoe
12. Puzzle Game jtford, aaront, taadland, cwb, rchisolm
14. Employee Scheduler chancetr, cdaigle, tkenner, eformica, piedade
15. Pothole Reporter mwt1, ggann, will3596, mkwayisi, ttpalmer
16. Cutsies brandic, sroe, njaggi, bfollett, golumbek
18. Deep Network Visualizer js6, awkhan, wcherry, eduardor, jwowen
21. Obstacle Avoidance Signal Processing App austinas, kvincent, ckisby, js5, jinyu
22. Survey App philliec, tdupre, kastokes, jrgore, erine
23. Pulmonary Disease Management przygoda, sshadday, ngrah, jasona, fraziejr
24. Powerswitch – energy game wlsmith, btowens, jrleach, areisig
25. Powerswitch iOS ttreiber, javena, daskalan, bpg
26. Gamecock Social Media Listening zengd, mebaskin, philipgs, lheckle
27. Tasks App aelkouri, wscott, ahogan, justinsb, connorjc
28. An AahaRx App for Diabetes Management connerlr, idavis, bslood, emims, jchaszar
29. Electronic Cigarettes rjulien, jaredad, shanes, anill, zcw
30. Activity Registration and Logger schriefs, castilj, drewc, srh1, emilyrd
32. Virtual Reality Boeing skeen, cbowling, ifinch, reavessm, rtj
33. Hydration Manager anthonyf, justinms, jacobah, georgejc, jwdash
35. Predictive Modelling of Brain Tumor Outcomes laurag, msoria, Clingent, briangs, cbf
38. Parking Spot Tracker econroy, tspecter, dhodge, awillich, shields4