Team Assignments

The team assignments are done. In the final solution, which we are using, 68 students are working on their 1st choice of project, 24 students get their 2nd choice, 7 get their 3rd choice, and 2 students get their 5th choice. Sorry if you are one of those 2!

The assignments are below. The table shows everyone's address so you can use that to contact your teammates, tell them your name, setup your first meeting. That is, you can now get started on Milestone 1, and Milestone 2.

Client Project or Team Name Members
1. Trees boulwabd, justing, tankersr, awelte
10. Signs Survey App crawleca, jfoore, galvinml, kdmcrae, gilljt2
13. Bus Ads Sales jlgross, aliscio, patelrk5, rwess
14. Personal Challenge bottua, love5, vkpatel, benp, tsenn
15. Healthy Connections hadams, cooperff, eatonra, ashofner
16. Student Portfolio bloxhamj, glenncw, nlazar, mccaslib, myersjg2
19. The Environmental Adventures of the Nano Girls chandleh, afharmon, slnelson, carap, epruett
21. Waitlist bli, rliang, morvayr, paceea, redmonc2
26. Dashboard of Things li366, jam5, tpanetti, sarnecki
27. Pay for Play annah, jwierman, eswolff, zzbranak
30. Googling My Garage hillbt, amcneely, cnovotny, osea
31. Quiz Green jmcgaha, sapowell, nlstone, tstone, ktjendra
32. Boil Water Advisory johnbc, coulteac, lordc, mtsmith
34. Hygieia Hydration Programming Opportunity cbrock, ddejong, vjr, nwrobel
36. Grocery Store dcarey, rjperez, ncraley, cring
38. Math Quizes moskowim, napolija, pettitbj, npolly, sagerje
4. Traffic Accidents pkchoksi, kdooley, dfree, limholz
41. Visualization of Scientific Datasets using Point Clouds in a Virtual Reality Environment cgallati, lemd, silverka, stewartc
42. Town App tbradley, conor, clemend, lamurray, drewas
45. Fantasy DJ browert2, slarson, oliverpa, jstrout
46. Gravity afreix, akimble, dkuzmin, dustinl, nbaxter
7. Lab Equipment Tracker mhauf, nandita, mplakyda, rabonka2, jwilkes
8. The Indecisive Co-Worker Lunch App bcarlson, hhowell, jmcbeath, vikram, morrelll
Cholestcheck hainesb, gzm, npuig, codyss, ctrocke
Crescent-CRM-V jcbenton, adorsett, mlayton, tas, trkla
Ingredi-Scan cbailie, pjclark, jaday, dowdl, kaevans
Karte kkasprak, rm2, talleyad, jot
safehouse sdao, tho, hoffman1, bbh, apahl
ShiftASound jal, grayman, fscott, rlward
SportsMeetUp scuellar, jee, moralerr, sbpatel, jvilla
whatsthemove alcenam, bryant53, tencke, gladdeng, lhicks