Software Maintenance Bonus Activity

In practice, it is actually very rare for you to start a project from scratch, as you are doing in this class. Usually you add code to an existing project.

We also happen to have a few projects from last year that got some traction. The clients are using them, or need just a few more features/bugfixes done before they can use them. Below are the ones that want help at this point. This list will be updated as new requests come in.

  1. Project Crystal Blue and its iOS app (video). This is a Mac OSX application and companion iOS application used by Dr. Barbeau, a geologist, to keep track of rock samples. You can view the list of requested features and bugfixes, which I have added as separate Issues.
  2. CapstoneConnect is a Laravel PHP website which is being used by Dr. Dale McCants in Mechanical Engineering. Here are some of his requests.
  3. SCChildcare is an Android app tht shows childcare centers of South Carolina in a map, along with official ratings. The one current issue is that it does not work with the latest (well, as of the Summer) Android version.

I am looking for people willing to put in some time to help these projects. If you do, this will help your grade, a lot. Also, I will write a very nice recommendation and LinkedIn Endorsement for you if your changes work. Contact me if you want to help.


I will be adding Issues on behalf of the client. You can then assign yourself to any issue you want to work on and start working on it, close it after its done and your code has been merged in.