QA Team Assignments

Below are the team assignments for the QA milestone. You should now have read access to the repo of the team you are testing, which lets you create new Issues in their repo. Read the QA Milestone for details on what you need to do. You can start testing on April 8, not before.

This Team Will Test This Team
TheRiddlers AisleGuide
vr-datasets TheRiddlers
AisleGuide FantasyDJ
FantasyDJ Gamecock-Study
Gamecock-Study gravityCapstone
gravityCapstone HealthyConnections
HealthyConnections HereInMyGarage
HereInMyGarage Ingredi-Scan
Ingredi-Scan Karte
Karte NanoBadgers
NanoBadgers PersonalChallenge
PersonalChallenge projectnow
projectnow SCDOTProject
SCDOTProject TeamBWAdvisory
TeamBWAdvisory TrafficQuest
TrafficQuest Treepo
Treepo whatsthemove
whatsthemove TheRiddlers
Cholestcheck Crescent-CRM-V
Crescent-CRM-V Dashboard
Dashboard greenvillebusads
greenvillebusads Indecision
Indecision LET
LET PayForPlay
PayForPlay safehouse
safehouse Swearengineers
Swearengineers TeamTriton
TeamTriton TheAdvisoryBoard
TheAdvisoryBoard WaitList
WaitList Cholestcheck