Next Week's Work

For next week (21--26) you will be working on

  1. Watch the welcome video
  2. Read the client info, syllabus, and project propsals.
  3. Choose your top-5 projects, in order. Feel free to ask questions about the projects in #proposed-projects. Or, create an awesome startup group and email me the project description for approval.
  4. Accept my slack invite.
  5. Create a github account for yourself.
  6. Watch the teamwork video. Note the Resources on that page.
  7. Watch the design process video. Note the Resources on that page.
  8. Submit your preferences (from 3.) on the form which will appear here on /capstone. The form will appear by Wednesday. You will have until Friday @midnight to fill it.

Any questions, feel free to ask in #general, or DM @josemvidal, or email me, or in twitter @jmvidal, or call me at 777-0928, or google-hangout at, or drop by my office (SWGN 3A51).