New Team Member Assigments

We have about 11 people who will be taking 492 before 490. We also have some teams that have lost members. I will start by assigning new people to teams with 3 or fewer members. When/if these fill up I will then assign the remaining new people to teams with 4 people. Below is a list of the teams that have 3 or fewer people right now (as best as I can tell, the list will be updated as people tell me who has not/will not register for 492).

Teams with 4 students, looking for a 5th member:

  1. sscrm. 4th member is Blakeley Hoffman. 5th member is Ross Eaton.
  2. ortho. It is a web application for patient management in an orthopedist practice, using meteor. 4th member is Kevin Silver.
  3. robotCA: It is an Android app for controlling a robot. 4th member is Nahaniel Stone. 5th member is Marcus Stewart.
  4. 5chords: It is an Android app for learning music chords. 4th member is Theodore Stone.
  5. contextual: a meteor webapp for student learning
  6. dcon: a JavaFX desktop app for analyzing/plotting data. 5th member is Nan Li.
  7. diet: an Android app for keeping track of meals
  8. FitLivin: an Android app for keeping track of workouts. 5th member is Parth Choksi. I am awaiting confirmation from team that they only have 4 people this semester.
  9. hygeia: an ASP.NET webapp for keeping track of data from a device that measures human hydration
  10. imentor: an ASP.NET webapp for matching mentors with students. 5th member is Troy Wingert.
  11. pmba: a meteor webapp for keeping track of applicants to the MBA. 5th member is Nandita Karambelkar.
  12. wandrlust: a meteor webapp for travellers. 5th member is Colin Morrell.
  13. HelpMonger: a meteor webapp for connecting people.

If you are new to 492 you can send me an email specifying which team you want to join. I will assign on a first-come-first-serve basis. Keep in mind that I need to add a someone to every team with 3 or less, so all should have either 4 or 5 members. If I don't get enough volunteers for the teams with 3 or fewer then I will just pick randomly from the new people, regardless of their choice.

I will update this page as I assign new people.