Invited Talk: Software Quality

On Wednesday, January 22 we will have an invited talk by Matt Hooper from VC3, in our regular room and time: SWGN 2A31 @8:30am.

In this talk I’ll cover some concepts behind software quality, why automation is crucial to software quality, and how to write automated tests (using Visual Studio and Selenium WebDriver as an example).

Why is this important? Imagine this situation: You’ve just built and launched a new system with a team of other people - congratulations! You are feeling great but then you are given your next task: to add new functionality demanded by your users, and as quickly as possible. To make things more stressful/exciting, you’re also told you need to add additional functionality each and every month if your company is to remain competitive. However, if you break existing functionality each time you update the system your users will leave you, your system will be a failure, and you’ll be busy tidying up your resume instead of coding. To overcome this challenge you must figure out a way to prove to yourself and your team that your system works as expected each time someone makes a code change. At the end of this talk you should have a better understanding of how to solve this problem.

Matt is the product architect at VC3 in Columbia, SC for our Enrich Assess, RTI and IEP software for K-12 school districts. He has over 15 years of experience spanning all aspects of the software life cycle. He has a computer science degree from the University of South Carolina and an MBA from the USC Moore School of Business. LinkedIn: