How to Welcome a New Team Member

New team members will need to start contributing code ASAP, by Feb 1 at the latest. Existing team members should help them get coding. Follow these steps:

  1. New person learns how team communicates (email, slack, IM, snapchat) and gets account, meets with team in-person if possible.
  2. New person gets github and slack accounts.
  3. New person git-clones and builds current team repo on his or her laptop. This will likely require the installation of the IDE the team is using.
  4. Team creates a few simple git-issues and assigns them to the new member.
  5. New person gets familiar with the existing codebase.
  6. New person implements simple issues, commits, and pushes to github.

New people must read over everything in this website. Go over all the Milestones, and Lectures. Make sure you monitor #general in our Slack channel.

This should all be done by February 1. A new member that cannot achieve this will Fail this class.