Final Demo Times

The final demo will be on Wednesday April 29, 8:30am in Amoco Hall. Everyone has a maximum of 10 minutes. Please be ready before your turn. Feel free to invite your client and anyone else you want to attend. The event is open to the public.

The presentation times are (as always, we might be running a bit earlier/later depending on the Demo Gods whims. Tip: offers of Bitcoin appease them):

Time Group
8:30 CockyReaders
8:40 IArch
8:50 MSN
9:00 CampaignApp
9:10 USCConnect
9:30 driftNode
9:40 DD-USC
9:50 EST
10:00 QRECT
10:10 CourseManager
10:20 AdvisementCEC
10:30 Apollo16
10:40 ClassTrack
10:50 PetDetector
11:00 leader-assess
11:10 Krit
11:20 ErlangRouters
11:30 AAVRAD
11:40 FIGS
11:50 VWRoom