Final Demo and Binaries

The final presentation and demo will be Tuesday, December 8, 8:30am in 300 Main St. B213.

You will also submit a final binary of your app, as such:

  • If you are building a webapp, you will deploy your app to the Internet and put its URL in the "Website" box of your github repo (main page of your repo, the textboxes that say "Description" and "Website"). Make sure your webapp is running during finals week
  • If you have a binary (.apk, .jar, etc) then you will create a "Release" on github and then upload the binary file as an attachment to that release. Test to make sure that the binary runs.

The order of the presentations is:

Time Group
8:30 omaha
8:40 imentor
8:50 routegen
9:00 FitLivin
9:10 RobotCA
9:20 contextual
9:30 ortho
9:40 sscrm
9:50 wandrlust
10:00 FitnessEvolution
10:10 powerswitch
10:20 DJJ
10:30 hygieia
10:40 5chords
10:50 diet
11:00 ZVerse
11:10 dcon
11:20 pmba
11:30 HelpMonger