Demo Day Presentation Times

Below are the approximate times for the demo presentations on May 3, in Amoco Hall, starting at 8:30am.

Time Group Description Client
8:30 pSwizzy A 3D Game for Tablets, using Unity. Power BNC Energy
8:40 RobotCA An Android app for controlling robots. Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis, CSE Department
8:50 hygieia A webapp for display and analysis of hydration data. Hygieia Hydration
9:00 omaha Hacking a voting machine. Dr. Duncan Buell, CSE Department
9:10 imentor A webapp for student-teacher video conferencing. VC3 and the Richland 2 School District
9:20 FitnessEvolution An Android app for fitness tracking. Self startup
9:30 ZVerse A webapp for 3D model editing. ZVerse Inc.
9:40 diet An Android for tracking diet. The Cancer Prevention and Control Program, USC
9:50 DJJ A webapp for providing information. Institute for Families in Society University of South Carolina
10:00 pmba A webapp for tracking incoming student application process. Professional MBA Program, USC
10:10 wandrlust A webapp for travellers. Self startup
10:20 routegen A webapp for building router configuration files. Cisco Systems
10:30 ortho A webapp for patient tracking. Midlands Orthopedics
10:40 HelpMonger An Android Ionic app for finding help.
10:50 contextual An educational platform (webapp) based on the mode neutral learning pedagogy. Self startup
11:00 sscrm A webapp for tracking students. USC Student Success Center
11:10 5chords An Android app for learning music. South Carolina Philharmonic
11:20 FitLivin An Android app for fitness tracking. Self startup
11:30 dcon A desktop app for data analysis. Chemical Engineering Dept., USC