Capstone RC1 Testing Assignments

As per our Milestone 15: QA you will test another group's project, and be tested by them. Please read M15 for details on what you need to do.

The assignments are shown below. Note that these are not commutative. That is, if A tests B, it does not mean that B tests A. Let me know if you need the email addresses of your assigned group.

Project Members Platform Tests This Group's App
chemlabaccs Cieplowski, Timothy C.
Alexander, Davis G
Allen, David A
Cooper, Demetrious A.
Webapp, PHP, mobile Capstoneconnect
Capstoneconnect Brandel, Maximus R.
Frankett, Sean M.
Keshavarz-Nia, Nicholas M.
Norman, Benjamin S.
Smith, Skylar E.
Webapp, PHP CareerCenterApp
CareerCenterApp Ballard, Andrew F.
Finley, Corey E.
Kazura, Andrew T.
Poston, James M.
Webapp, Mobile, Rails RoomScheduling
RoomScheduling Priester, Jennifer W.
Tsuboi, Taylor M.
Contreras, Miguel
Uszkay, Gergely A
Webapp, appengin TeamSeven
TeamSeven Han, Dan
Melaraba-Beckman, Marcio
Melaraba-Beckman, Raul
Thompson, Taylor M
Rhodes, Austin E.
Webapp, appengine EasyBakeOven
EasyBakeOven Allenstein, Joshua M.
Brewer, Tyler H.
Deese, John M.
Ragaban, Aadel A.
Langer, Tiana K
Webapp,Rails, mobile. chemlabaccs
1872-Columbia-Map Bare, David J.
Fagerburg, Joseph E.
McIntyre, Patrick G.
Agafonova, Olga I.
Android,, tablet Project-Burnout
Project-Burnout Fenton, Luke J.
Keller, Tommie R.
Peloquin, Francis W.
Schwartz, Richard N.
Android, phone SCChildcare
SCChildcare Ashman, Giovanni P.
Bowe, Nicholas D.
Gaddy, Benjamin B.
Ogunji, Jilbert F.
Long, Angelica C.
Android, phone Tamagothchi-2.0
Tamagotchi-2.0 Little, Matthew B.
Robbins, Evan A.
Huntley, John A.
Android, tablet 1872-Columbia-Map
HardWonKnowledge Brown, Keneequa C.
Dempsey, Jeremy Wayne H.
Waters, Colton W.
Wood, Jacob M.
Goette, Clayton P
iOS, iPad ProjectCrystalBlue
ProjectCrystalBlue Baumgartner, Justin J.
Hood, Logan M.
Johnson, Joshua C.
McGraw, Ryan M.
Mac, iOS, iPhone VotingLines
VotingLines Duzan, Christopher G.
Greenberger, Jeremy A.
McAvoy, Jonathan D.
Stahlberger, Kevin J.
Webapp, Android, IOS, phone. HardWonKnowledge
HumpDay-Decoder Elson, Nickolas S.
Kilby, Jonathan L.
Weaver, Shawn T.
hardware Dr. Bakos will test.