492 Project Teams

I have updated the group membership by assigning the new people to groups and getting rid of those who will not be taking 492 this semester. I am still waiting for some student to reply to my emails so the list is not final.

Contact me ASAP if you don't see your name in the table below or if there is someone in your team who is not taking 492. I have sent you an email with all the emails of the people in your group. Contact any new members and welcom them aboard, give them access to the repo, start working.

GitHub Project Name Members
1. chemlabaccs Cieplowski, Timothy C.
Alexander, Davis G
Allen, David A
Cooper, Demetrious A.
1. 1872-Columbia-Map Bare, David J.
Fagerburg, Joseph E.
McIntyre, Patrick G.
Agafonova, Olga I.
2. Capstoneconnect Brandel, Maximus R.
Frankett, Sean M.
Keshavarz-Nia, Nicholas M.
Norman, Benjamin S.
Smith, Skylar E.
3. CareerCenterApp Ballard, Andrew F.
Finley, Corey E.
Kazura, Andrew T.
Poston, James M.
4. chemlabaccs Cieplowski, Timothy C.
Hamod, Matthew P.
Alexander, Davis G
Allen, David A
Cooper, Demetrious A.
5. HardWonKnowledge Brown, Keneequa C.
Dempsey, Jeremy Wayne H.
Waters, Colton W.
Wood, Jacob M.
Goette, Clayton P
6. HumpDay-Decoder Elson, Nickolas S.
Kilby, Jonathan L.
Weaver, Shawn T.
7. Project-Burnout Fenton, Luke J.
Keller, Tommie R.
Peloquin, Francis W.
Schwartz, Richard N.
8. ProjectCrystalBlue Baumgartner, Justin J.
Hood, Logan M.
Johnson, Joshua C.
McGraw, Ryan M.
9. RoomScheduling Priester, Jennifer W.
Tsuboi, Taylor M.
Contreras, Miguel
Uszkay, Gergely A
10. SCChildcare Ashman, Giovanni P.
Bowe, Nicholas D.
Gaddy, Benjamin B.
Ogunji, Jilbert F.
Long, Angelica C.
11. Tamagotchi-2.0 Little, Matthew B.
Robbins, Evan A.
Huntley, John A.
12. TeamSeven Han, Dan
Melaraba-Beckman, Marcio
Melaraba-Beckman, Raul
Thompson, Taylor M
Rhodes, Austin E.
13. University 101 Interactive Textbook Allenstein, Joshua M.
Brewer, Tyler H.
Deese, John M.
Ragaban, Aadel A.
Langer, Tiana K
14. VotingLines Duzan, Christopher G.
Greenberger, Jeremy A.
McAvoy, Jonathan D.
Stahlberger, Kevin J.